Recovery Data On Ssd Data And Server / Nas


SSD or Solid State Drive is a Hard Disk with basic media storage technology that is different from the hard disk in general. Where Hard disks use mechanical systems for data read/write functions with components such as media disks (platter) and headsets (stack), SSDs use 100% electronic systems and no moving parts such as disks and reading tools therein.

SSD storage media in the form of chip memory as is often used in Flash Disk Drive or USB Drive. Therefore, SSDs have different characteristics than mechanical hard disks, such as SSDs are more resilient and SSDs have better read/write data speeds than mechanical hard disks.

The type of damage experienced by the SSD is more logical / software or firmware / internal; where there is damage to the electronic controller or chipset that cannot be accessed. Therefore handling SSD damage is also different from mechanical hard disk.… Read more